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My name is Amy and I've been doing this gig for…wow, a long time now. Graduated the University of Michigan, began working in a prepress shop in Chicago around '94, then a pharmaceutical ad agency, and the past seven years or so freelance. In 2004, I returned to Michigan, having enjoyed life in the big city but ready to live near family, including my awesome niece and nephew.

What about non-computer-eyestrain stuff? I've done a marathon (which I will never, ever stop reminding people of), though nowadays 2-mile walks do me just fine. Meeting new people and cultures is fascinating, and I've had the joy of visiting Spain, Egypt, Italy, and Mexico, among others. Books? Always fun, especially character-driven fantasy/sci-fi. Having a big honkin' garden? Even more fun. Games? Super fun.

This work brings one into contact with with so many amazing and unique people. I can't think of a single assignment I didn't enjoy or learn something from, and often formed lasting friendships.

Work philosophy: Make it pretty while communicating the message as clearly as possible. Harmonious color palettes, every design element chosen and placed with a purpose, mindful typography, and precisely-aligned layouts are principles I naturally strive to express.

Shout-outs to some wonderful clients and friends:
Princing & Ewend
Parsons & Maxson
Brady Events & Marketing
989 Design

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Props to Sharpfolio and happilycreate for code and inspiration.

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